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Editor’s Note

Faith No More?

“Having faith,” per Google search results, is believing that if you keep going—if you keep looking for answers, if you continue to do whatever it

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Some Good News

It’s high time I showcased some good news in this space. We can start with the ongoing vaccine rollout and hope it gathers momentum in

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State of the Disunion

The past year was divisive across the board. The political chasm engulfing our country intensified, with one side of extremists believing it marked the start

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Just Do It

In the spirit of the heroes who’ve been working around the clock to create vaccines for the Covid-19 virus, Nike’s legendary ad campaign comes to

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Why not cut to the chase? Editors of publications covering topics from accessories to zoology will run year-in-review columns in their December issues, but I

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Do the Pandemic Pivot

For the millions of people who can’t afford to bury their heads in the beachfronts of their second homes until a cure/vaccine arrives, doing the pandemic pivot is the only way to try and survive in the new normal.

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The April/May 2024 Issue

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