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Editor’s Note

Chop Shop

I earned my retail chops (literally) working as a butcher’s assistant during my college summers in a small grocery in my hometown of Maplewood, NJ.

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The Good News

Numerous studies suggest that consumers increasingly want their purchases to be a force for positive change, be it environmental, social or charitable. The younger the

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Channel Surfing

Recently, my family and I were enjoying an episode of Reservation Dogs on Hulu when a commercial jolted me like a Crazy Eddie ad from

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My Morning Mecca

It started in the fall of 2020. While working remotely in my Upper West Side apartment, I took a browsing break one afternoon and stumbled

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Heads Over Heels

I’ve been creating issues of Footwear Plus from scratch for approximately 26 years – 10 times a year, 260 issues, give or take a few.

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Exile on Manhattan

For the past 25 years I have lived on an exotic island. Not the tropical paradise kind, rather the concrete jungle of Manhattan, a.k.a. “the

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The March 2024 Issue

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