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Brothers in Arms

Joe and Daniel Safdeye, managers of SCL Footwear, on seizing the opportunities that have helped double the business since the pandemic.

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Method Man

Jason Brooks, CEO of Rocky Brands, looks to a bright future, guiding a company that has doubled in size and is setting its sights on the $1 billion sales mark.

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Full Gallop

Ron Owens, vice president and brand manager of Dingo, a division of Dan Post Boot Company, on why his latest run—in a career of big runs—is poised to be the biggest yet.

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Glenn Barrett, founder and CEO of OrthoLite

Full Circle

Glenn Barrett, founder and CEO of OrthoLite, is celebrating the components company’s 25th anniversary by launching a game-changing midsole material. The party is just getting started.

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Sound Strategy

Karl Moehring, CEO of Washington Shoe Company, makers of Chooka, Western Chief and Staheekum, on the power of corporate culture, managing through supply chain chaos and marching toward the $100 million sales goal.

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Oh, Canada!

Jacques Golbert, CEO of Pajar Canada, on how the third-generation, family-owned company is plowing straight ahead with a plethora of new projects, pandemic be damned.

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Do the Right Things

Jori Miller Sherer, president of Minnetonka, on how several recently introduced long-term, company-altering initiatives are already paying big dividends.

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Foam Home

Larry Paparo, president and CEO of Floafers, is on a mission to disrupt the entire footwear landscape—one revolutionary, foam-based shoe at a time.

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Recipe for Success

Charlie Liberge, co-managing partner of Quoddy, on why the timing is spot-on for the premium comfort brand to make a name for itself—74 years after it was founded.

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The August 2022 Issue

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