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The December 2022 Issue of Footwear Plus

High Life: Platforms Pack a Groovy Retro Punch | Modern Family Mission: Ecco Americas CEO Tom Berry Details the Brand’s New Playbook | This Just In: Dudes Down Under | Holy Crepe! Clarks Desert Boot Marches Into Our Style Hall of Fame | Loafer Madness: The Seamless Style Always Satisfies

A Real Gem

Tom Berry, president and CEO of Ecco Americas, on how the Danish brand’s intrinsic qualities serve as a beacon for today’s modern family.

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Fit to Sprint

From sprinter to software engineer to stand-up comedian, Xero Shoes Cofounder Steven Sashen’s resume runs here, there and everywhere.

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Chukka Can!

Amid the vast barren landscape of indiscriminate designs there lies an oasis of eternal cool, casual fashion that is the Clarks Desert Boot. By Greg Dutter

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The March 2023 Issue

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