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The April/May 2021 Issue of Footwear Plus

Trail Mix

Retro Silhouettes. Breakthrough constructions. Tried-and-true earth tones. Pops of ’90s-era neon. The outdoor category is a potpourri of styles for great adventures big and small.

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Faith No More?

“Having faith,” per Google search results, is believing that if you keep going—if you keep looking for answers, if you continue to do whatever it

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Shelter from the Storm

Faced with the industry’s biggest crisis in history, the Two Ten Footwear Foundation has been answering the call for emergency assistance for more than a year, delivering on its mission to help shoe
people in need like never before. It’s a Herculean effort involving hard work, humanity and generosity—a heroic tale of an industry coming together in its greatest time of need.

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Into the Wild

Hiking is hot. The pandemic has made the outdoors look greater than ever—and brands are poised to take the category to new heights.

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The February 2023 Issue

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