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Last Word

Kicks Starter

Clayton Kanemitsu, founder of MLO, on how launching a new sneaker brand in the midst of a pandemic has been a blessing wrapped in a trial by fire.

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Home Turf

Scott Home, CEO of Fashion Major Brands, distributors of Musse & Cloud and Coolway, throws a little chin music.

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So Pumped!

Kelly Hibler, vice president of Reebok Classics, on tapping into the brand’s rich archives for an enticing blend of menu staples, choice collaborations and fresh reinterpretations.

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Man with a Plan

Bob Mullaney, CEO of RG Barry Brands, makers of Dearfoams, Baggallini and Foot Petals, on turning the company from a customer-centric model into a consumer one.

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Professor Kicks

Matt Powell, senior industry advisor Sports for the NPD Group, on what’s right, what’s wrong and a few possible solutions to what ails today’s athletic footwear business.

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The June 2024 Issue

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