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The October/November 2021 Issue of Footwear Plus

Clog Jam: Versatile Styles in Tune with the New Normal | Help Wanted: Hiring Tips Amid the Great Labor Shortage | Grand Plas: Mark Parsley on Building a Better Earth Shoes | Italian Dressing: What They’re Wearing in Milan

October/November 2021

Restoration Software

Mark Parsley, CEO of Earth Shoes, is the lead architect behind the company’s extensive renovations and building projects.

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October/November 2021

Great Expectations

During an unprecedented labor shortage, retailers must find innovative ways to attain and retain employees that go above and beyond just offering better pay.

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A Note to My Younger Self

I Must be Dreaming

Fabrizio Gamberini, global chief brand officer & president of Vibram Corporation, looks back on a life filled with adventure.

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The March 2024 Issue

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