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The July 2021 Issue of Footwear Plus

Editor's Note

The Great Mulligan

As kids, it didn’t matter what game we were playing—touch football, street hockey, whiffle ball, ping pong, Horse, running bases, tag—if a key play determining

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Back to Work

Are we ready for a rebuild renaissance? As America emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, work brands are expecting a bull market in the years ahead—so long as there are enough skilled laborers to do the jobs.

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A Note to My Younger Self

Road of Life

Frank Cammarata, CEO of The Enjoiya Group, reflects on the twists and turns that led him to the ultimate dream job.

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In the Running

Long Island runners reveal their shoe and shopping preferences, and why the exercise is a healthy way of life, especially during the pandemic.

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The July 2024 Issue

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