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The December 2021 Issue of Footwear Plus

Hire Times: Chic looks that work on and off the clock | On a Mission: How Minnetonka aims to do the right things | Made in the Suede: Puma’s iconic silhouette steps into our style hall of fame | Blues Clues: Guess what the cool men’s neutral is.

Ode to the Suede

From hoop stars to hip-hop fans to skaters to creatives of all stripes, the Puma Suede has held center court of sneaker cool for six decades and counting.

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Do the Right Things

Jori Miller Sherer, president of Minnetonka, on how several recently introduced long-term, company-altering initiatives are already paying big dividends.

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Mission Possible

While I was never a huge fan of the TV series Mission Impossible—the opening theme song sent my heart pounding and the action-packed episodes gave

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The June 2023 Issue

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