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Tania Ursomarzo’s labor of love.

At first glance, a Triptych creation is a boot. Then you look again and realize that maybe, with those cutouts, it’s a sandal. But actually, as Tania Ursomarzo points out, it’s neither. According to the New York City-based designer and Parsons professor, her Italian-made shoes “operate at the intersection of innovative design and masterful artisanship.

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Vibrating shoes help the blind get around.

A specialized shoe insole that vibrates when wearers are supposed to make a turn is due to ship out soon and its inventors predict it will be a gamechanger in more than one market. Lechal, which means “let’s go” in Hindi, will deliver thousands of insoles and customized sneakers to the visually impaired, as well as to runners and other athletes.

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If ex-girlfriends were shoes…

If most of us were given the opportunity to create an inanimate object that would capture the spirit of an ex, chances are it wouldn’t be too flattering. Not so for artist-designer Sebastian Errazuiz. His latest exhibition, “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers,” which opened at Art Basel Miami last weekend, is a romantic look back at lost love. From Heart Breaker to GI Jane to Gold Digger, each stunning sculptural shoe reminisces a relationship in a poignant and touching way.

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Retired Pope’s Endorsement of Mexican Shoes Tops All Others

When Pope Benedict XVI stepped down in February–the first to do so in 600 years–everyone wanted to know the answer to one burning question: What would replace his infamous red Prada loafers? And since a Vatican spokesperson revealed that the retiring pope would be holy rolling in pair of handmade brown loafers gifted to him in Mexico, business below the border has shot up.

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