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Near-perfect cardboard replicas offer sneak peek at the new Adidas line.

A clothing store in Leeds, U.K., has come up with a unique way to let its customers know what’s coming up for spring/summer. The Chimp Store commissioned British artist Chris Anderson to recreate to-scale versions of the upcoming Adidas Originals collection using 100 percent recycled cardboard. Anderson’s eco-friendly versions of the Stan Smith, Campus, Superstar Shelltoe, ZX700 and ZX8000 feature the brand’s trademark parallel bars and perforations, logos whittled from masking tape and laces fashioned from jute twine. 

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Kanye West gets revenge on Nike with Adidas deal.

Hip-hop nuisance Kanye West’s one-man war on the footwear industry continues . The latest victim of his rants: Nike. West, who designed a range of kicks for the athletic powerhouse, had a monumental falling-out with the brand over their marketing of the Air Yeezy. His revenge? A $10 million deal with Adidas.

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New York DJ Operator Emz talks sneaker obsession, hip-hop culture and his very own Pro Model design for Adidas.

By Brittany Leitner


Not many people have their life-defining moment in the second grade, but for Operator Emz, that’s when his passion for sneakers took on a life of its own. Born and bred in New York City, Emz recalls showing up to school one day and getting teased for his generic kicks. He went home and asked his parents for new shoes, picking out a pair of red on white Nike Oceana trainers and burgundy lo-top 69ers by Pro Keds the very next day. “That was the start of my obsession,” he says. 

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Ryan Lochte turns it up in questionable kicks.

American swimmer Ryan Lochte gave his doubters a mouthful to swallow when he won two gold medals at last week’s FINA World Championships, but his increasingly questionable footwear choices did little to quell style critics. Before the races, Lochte posted a photo to Instagram of the sneakers he planned to rock that day–a pair of Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott hi-tops featuring fuzzy baseball cap-wearing teddy bears. Oh, Ryan. 

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Adidas adds blade technology to a running shoe

The Adidas Springblade is the brand’s latest step in the athletic technology evolution. Six years in the making, it’s the first running shoe with individually tuned blades designed to propel runners forward. Unlike standard EVA midsoles that deliver energy return in a vertical direction, Springblade features 16 forward angled blades made of high-tech polymer, which compresses and releases energy to create an efficient push-off.

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Adidas cancels Jeremy Scott “Shackle” sneaker after racism backlash

Adidas has yanked plans to release its JS Roundhouse Mids after critics said its shackle-like ankle cuff was offensive and a symbol of slavery. The high-top sneaker with its orange plastic cuff, part of the brand’s ongoing collaboration with conceptual fashion designer Jeremy Scott, is reportedly simply a shoe-torial interpretation of the late-’80s “My Pet Monster” toy (same color scheme, same cuffs) but to many it screams slavery and prison. 

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Courting Glory in Adidas

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Oudin of Georgia is making waves at the U.S. Open in New York, and the Internet is afire with searches not just on her tennis stats but her unmissable footwear.

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