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The August 2011 Issue of Footwear Plus

The Real Jersey Shore

Forget Snooki, self-tanner and over-gelled wannabe Romeos. Despite what MTV may say, for these footwear retailers, the real Jersey Shore is full of locals who flock to the coast for sun, sports and style.

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American Accent

Rob Rask, managing director of Ara Shoes North America, reveals why the German-based Euro comfort company—already a major player around the world—is positioned to take the country by storm.

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Arm Candy

Big and many: Stacked bangles make a bold statement and contrast well with barely-there summer shoe styles.

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A Vote For Change

Ever since life after the Great Financial Collapse was dubbed the “new normal” by pundits and adopted by millions of confused and rattled-to-the-core consumers, the sad reality is that there’s little normalcy in this new landscape. It’s so disturbing, perplexing and rapidly changing that if your head is not spinning by now, it might be because you’ve stuck it into the sand.

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The June 2023 Issue

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