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The AprilMay 2012 Issue of Footwear Plus

Sugar Rush

A new breed of rain boot silhouettes and an assortment of mouthwatering hues keep women coming back for more. Photography by Jason Hindley

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Born In The USA

As Chinese labor shortages continue to be a source of woe and materials and shipping costs skyrocket, a growing number of manufacturers are bringing production back home, answering both logistical needs and an increasing demand for made-in-the-U.S.A. merchandise.

By Lyndsay McGregor

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One of a Kind – Joe Salzano

If you haven’t by now actually heard Joe Salzano speak, it’s a good bet you have heard of his passionate message about the art of shoe retailing. A career that now spans more than five decades, the vice president of sales for The Clarks Companies, N.A. continues to crisscross the country delivering his inspirational wisdom and leaving an indelible imprint on the footwear industry.

By Greg Dutter | Illustrations by Ben Marra

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Chew on This

John McCarvel, CEO of Crocs, reveals how the brand has bounced back—bigger than ever at $1 billion in annual sales in 2011—and why the projection to double that hefty sales volume is in reach within five years. By Greg Dutter

Few brands trigger a stronger reaction than Crocs. A mere mention of the purveyor of those foam-like clogs in garish colors sends fashion bullies into a tizzy. They’re loud. They’re puffy. They’re goofy. And, many are convinced, they’re downright fugly.

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The People You Meet

Life is a journey where the people you meet are collected along the way, forming a long reel of characters that increases as the years go by. Some play starring roles for decades; others are those select few whom you meet once but never forget. There are far more who come in and out of your life like cameos and eventually fade into a cast of thousands of faceless extras.

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The June 2023 Issue

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