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Smart Money

Dedicated to doing the right thing, the Two Ten Footwear Foundation Scholarship Program provides financial as well as intellectual assistance to industry members and their families
seeking higher education.

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Heel Thyself

Statement shapes and intricate details build style from the ground up.

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To Be in Tbilisi

East meets West in Georgia’s capital city crossroads, where sporty, punk and chic looks prove style barriers are wide open.

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Weather or Not

Low-profile rain shoes for those days when Mother Nature just can’t make up her mind.

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American Dream

Joe Ouaknine, CEO of Titan Industries, reflects on a fast-paced career and the wonderful people and amazing places he has encountered along the way.

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Star Power

They don’t call it the Superstar for nothing: The iconic Adidas trainer continually cycles back into fashion, finding prominence among ’70s-era NBA players, ’80s b-boys, ’90s skaters and, most recently, A-list fashionistas.

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The Sundowner Also Rises

Over the past three decades, Vasque’s Sundowner boot has achieved legendary status among avid hikers and weekend warriors alike for its timeless styling, unfailing durability
and reliable versatility.

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Change Agent

Philippe Meynard, CEO and president of Earth Shoes, is ushering in a slew of changes in an effort to adapt the company amid a retail shakeout for the ages.

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Heave-ho the Status Quo

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