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Oofos Boston Marathon Marketing Event Gets Real

Oofos showcased its Active Recovery footwear benefits during last week’s Boston Marathon via a unique sponsorship initiative celebrating a group of “Real People” in their recovery journey following the race. With a pop-up store located by the finish line, the Boston-based brand identified individuals in need of Active Recovery support and offered them an official contract with Oofos. Each athlete was fitted with a pair, treated to a photo session, and the images then showcased on digital boards within the store and in other placements. In addition, they received an Oofos shopping spree, complimentary entry for their next race of choice, gift certificates for a massage and pedicure, and Epsom salts.

“We are excited to introduce this innovative and fun sponsorship program, which emphasizes the importance of recovery, celebrates athletic performance, and delivers a feel-good moment to the running community,” states Darren Brown, head of marketing, Oofos. “Knowing the time and dedication these athletes put into achieving an accomplishment like the Boston Marathon, our goal is to provide comprehensive support for athletes during their recovery period so they can get back to doing what they love faster. Our goal is to support their journey from the finish line back to the next starting line, and beyond.”

Boston Marathon finishers Kylee Raftis, Grant Grafentin, Marc Sampson, Masaki Mibayashi, Georgia Miller Latremouille, Eric Thomas, Brian J. Melady, Felicita Kagwanja and Abbie Silverstein signed their official contracts while still wrapped in their post-race blankets and immediately slipped into a pair of Oofosto begin their recovery.

“I’m obsessed with Ooofos—they didn’t pay me to say that,” says newly signed Oofos athlete, Miller Latremouille as she put on her pair of OOahh slides. “I was just saying as I was walking after I took my shoes off, that I wish I had Oofos. This is crazy!”

Oofos is committed to fostering a community of fun and recovery among athletes, providing ongoing support beyond the finish line. In the days following the marathon, the chosen athletes will embark on a documented recovery journey, which will be shared on Oofos’ social media platforms. Videos of each athlete reveling in their new status can be viewed on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook stories @OOFOS.



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