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Vasque Partners with Camping to Connect

Supporting this innovative approach to mentorship and nature immersion for BIPOC youth.

“With nearly 60 years of passion for the outdoors, Vasque operates on the principle that nature is for everyone,” says Vasque president Bryce Wernsman. This week, the brand announced a long-term, strategic partnership with Camping to Connect.

Camping to Connect

Camping to Connect is an outdoor mentorship program that uses nature immersion and outdoor recreation to address issues faced by youth across BIPOC communities in America’s cities. “Over the decades, we’ve proudly supported various nonprofits dedicated to increasing outdoor access,” Wernsman explains. “Camping to Connect captivated us with its innovative approach to mentorship, leveraging outdoor experiences as a catalyst for personal growth and community empowerment. Their dedication to fostering a connection between individuals and nature resonates deeply with Vasque’s values.”

Camping to Connect CEO Manny Almonte leading an excursion.

He hopes that with Camping to Connect, Vasque can inspire positive change and create a lasting impact in the lives of young people. The nonprofit offers a safe space for meaningful conversations, while connecting participants with nature, their peers, and dedicated mentors from a shared cultural background.

“We’re thrilled to further this mission with an organization so committed to breaking down barriers for young people to connect with nature and beyond. By supporting Camping to Connect, we aim to inspire positive change and create lasting impact in the lives of young people.” – Bryce Wernsman, President of Vasque

Beyond promoting the initiative and offering program assistance, Vasque will provide hiking boots and shoes to all participants. And, a portion of proceeds from the brand’s e-commerce sales will be contributed to Camping to Connect. “This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to providing transformative experiences that aim to revolutionize the way BIPOC young men perceive their own identities,” adds Manny Almonte, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Camping to Connect. “We’re redefining the concept of belonging in outdoor spaces and tackling the challenge of nature deprivation among urban youth, which is known to directly affect their mental and physical health.”

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