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Peeps x Heelys: Win the Egg Hunt With This Sweet Collab

The Easter Bunny is dropping more than candy this year, thanks to a sugary collab: Peeps x Heelys. The collection fuses Heelys wheeled sneakers with the iconic marshmallow treats for a burst of color and springtime vibes.

Heelys x Peeps

The collection comes on the heels (pun intended) of a string of collabs for the brand, which has debuted sneakers with Hello Kitty, Minecraft, Pac-Man, and South Park in recent months. Peeps x Heelys takes inspiration from the Easter basket staple. Each sneaker features an oversized Peeps Bunny plush as the tongue of the shoe, as well as a removable Peeps Chick charm. The shoes are available in pink with a yellow outsole or yellow with a blue outsole for unisex appeal.

“This partnership is truly a perfect match, as it blends the joy and colors of our iconic Marshmallow treats with the fun of Heelys shoes; we can’t wait for our fans to bring sweetness to every step this Easter!” —Caitlin Servian, Brand Manager for PEEPS®

The styles have made a splash on social media, where “goodies” influencer Markie Devo has dubbed them “Peeplys.” His unboxing reveals colorful branding and a sweet addition featuring several boxes of Peeps.

@markie_devo @Heelys Worldwide X @peepsbrand get them at for a limited time(I’m a mens 8 I got a womens 8, all they had) #heelys #peeps #heelyspeeps #foodblog #unboxing #foodnews #foodie #easter #goodgasm #foodporn #sneakers #foodinfo #coolstuff #peepsmarshmallows #teamchubster ♬ original sound – Markie_devo

The sweet kicks are available on and and retail for $65.

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