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What if airlines made sneakers with Nike?

Once synonymous with the golden age of travel, flight attendant uniforms have changed a lot over the years–but are the skies ready for this? London-based artist Marco Lemcke has dreamed up what a collaboration between Nike and some of the world’s top airline would look like, applying the logos of KLM, Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair and Easy Jet and more to a few of the brand’s most iconic silhouettes.

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U2’s Footwear Connection

This year may well be remembered as the Year of the Cutback. In art, entertainment, travel, footwear and many other goods and services industries, suppliers have curtailed, stripped down and (in some cases) downright cheapened their respective offerings as a first line of defense against the Great Recession. Unfortunately, less is not always more, especially when one does not pay any less for that sub-par version. That’s why it was so refreshing to see U2 go over the top on its recent tour stop at Giants Stadium in New Jersey.

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The April/May 2024 Issue

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