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The October/November 2023 Issue of Footwear Plus

Here’s the ‘Drille: Fresh Twists on the Chic Summer Staple | Hear Her Roar: Dansko President Kitty Bolinger Talks Tactics | This Just In: Grunge is Good | Euro Report: Trend Hunting at MICAM

A Note to My Younger Self

A Buyer’s Guide to Life

Trisha Sweeney, executive vice president of sales for Syndic8, looks back on a career in buying that bought a world of amazing opportunities.

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Kitty Bolinger, newly named president of Dansko
October/November 2023

Right On

Kitty Bolinger, newly named president of Dansko, is steering the company in all the right directions.

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Editor's Note

The First Noelle

It is with great pleasure that I formally introduce our new publisher, Noelle Heffernan. While she is relatively new to our industry—having first dipped her

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The July 2024 Issue

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