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The July 2012 Issue of Footwear Plus

July 2012

A Life’s Work

At 30 years deep, Matt Joyce, president of Highline United, makers of Ash, Tracy Reese and Luxury Rebel among other labels, has made a career out of knowing what women really want when it comes to shoes.
By Greg Dutter

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In the Works

Occupational brands are raising the comfort bar and taking a load off to help get the job done.
By Lyndsay McGregor

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Editor's Note

Get Sporty

They’re everywhere—not just in gyms or on jogging trails. They’re sleek, snazzy and some might even say downright sexy. They come in a rainbow of neon colors, with pink being the most popular of late. They are lightweight, minimal shoes born to run in, although many are used for strutting as much as for huffing and puffing. Leading the way is Nike Free with its distinct chalk-white outsoles. Other chic and techy minimalist running styles making the scene come from Adidas, Saucony, New Balance, Brooks and Skechers, to name a few.

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The June 2024 Issue

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