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TikTok summer trends

What’s Cool for Summer 2024, According to TikTok

Short hair and track shorts are in; ankle socks are out.

This weekend marks the unofficial kickoff to summer, and the in crowd on TikTok has spoken. It Girls are cutting off their hair, traveling to Europe, and pairing tall boots with short shorts. Importantly, they are definitely not wearing ankle socks. And if you need some nostalgia to kick off your holiday, visit the Bronski Beat “Smalltown Boy” audio, which is flooded with a trend (nearly 70k videos) of TikTokers asking their Gen X and Boomer parents how they would have danced to the song in the ’80s.

TikTok summer trends
Apostolos Vamvouras for Unsplash

Indeed, nostalgia is the name of the game this summer — Netflix just announced a Beverly Hills Cop reboot. Style-wise, trends are still focusing on the early aughts, with a dash of other decades mixed in. These are some of the top viral moments revealing the fashion zeitgeist of summer 2024:

TikTok is Dreaming of European Summer

The app is flooded with videos declaring what to wear this summer in Paris, Florence, London (you get it). Travel is definitely on the brain in our post-pandemic era, whether or not a plane ticket is in the budget.

@emilymagowan Going to Europe this summer? Here are all the must have shoes for your trip ✨✈️ #europeshoes #italyshoes #europesummertravel #summershoes #shoesfortravel #italypacking #italyoutfits #italyoutfitinspo #travelmusthaves ♬ original sound – summer songs&lt333

Millennials Are Aging Themselves with Ankle Socks

Anyone over the age of 30 probably has memories of rolling their tall socks under their feet to avoid peeking out of their sneakers. And in the ankle boot era, that bare flash of calf between the boot shaft and skinny jean was the ultimate mark of style. No more, as the younger generations are wearing crew socks with every type of shoe, including more elevated ballet flats. Today, sporting ankle socks to the gym signifies just one thing: old.

@bikerbiddie #stitch with @Ashley Tea ♬ original sound – Paige Mills

Tall Boots with Short Skirts and Shorts are In

Micro-mini skirts and shorts are having a moment. To balance out the proportions, the in crowd is pairing them with high-shaft leather boots and the still-popular cowboy boot.

@nikidetrich Replying to @Alessandra Vidal my holy grail boots fr trust me on these 🙏🏼 #blackboots #capsulewardrobe #princesspolly ♬ original sound – Niki Detrich

Vacation Dressing is Anything but Minimal

The Coastal Grandmother, understated-Nantucket aesthetic of summers past is moving over for a Miami heat, personality-packed vibe that turns heads. Embroidery and crochet are back, but in saturated hues that scream summer.

@indyaabrown Now I need to book my flights. #summerdresses #dresses #fashioneditor #dressguide #2024trends #robertaeiner #louisaballou #falash ♬ original sound – Indya

Track Shorts are a Match for Feminine Footwear

Track pants were trending for spring, and their short counterparts are in for summer, but not paired with expected athletic shoes. This style gets a coquette twist pair with ballet flats, Mary Janes, and the of-the-moment mesh flat.

@livelizabethgifford What cool girls will be wearing for summer 2024 part 4 🌴 going to be a good summer for the fashion girlies!#greenscreen #summerfashion #summerfashiontrends #summer2024 #summertrends #summerstyle #summerlooks #summeroutfits #summeraesthetic #summeroutfit ♬ original sound – liv gifford

Short Hair is Having a Moment

The hashtag #hairtransformation has 2.8M posts, and my feed has been flooded with girls chopping off their locks for summer. Hair has gone the way of hemlines: short.

@heidilenirauch do it 🙂 🩷 #shorthair #cutyourhair #shorthairstyle #fyp #fy ♬ bad idea right live – sourtraitor

De-Influencing is Pushing Against the Grain

While viral trends like Mob Wife and Eclectic Grandpa come and go in a flash, “de-influencing” has been a counter-movement to the constant changing moods. This influencer is declaring the footwear she believes is current yet timeless, opposed to a passing fad.

@jackie_is_online Replying to @Elise Yates #greenscreen #styletips #spring2024outfits #adidassamba #currentnottrendy #deinfluencing ♬ original sound – jackie 💻🛍️👨‍👩‍👦


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