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Nike Dominates Online Footwear Sector Growth in the UK

New Balance and Ugg are among other brands to look out for.

It’s been a long-known fact that Nike dominates the athletic market in the U.S. According to, the brand held 38.68% of total market share in 2023, with 68% of total revenue attributed to footwear. It spent $4.06 billion in marketing last year, and in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2023, saw 24% digital growth.

Now, a new study by Salience Search Marketing reveals Nike’s sovereignty isn’t exclusive to the U.S. Across the pond, the brand lead the report’s analysis of visibility growth online. Nike’s traffic in the UK went from 4,100,896 in 2023 to 5,545,152 in 2024, a 35% leap year over year.

Adidas saw 27% growth, but its total traffic still lags well behind Nike at 2,611,927. So it’s clear a large chunk of that $4 billion is going to digital marketing.

New Balance and Ugg took the third and fourth slots with 49% and 46% growth, respectively. Something to keep an eye out for: affordable, fashion-driven footwear brand Ego. Also available stateside, the brand saw staggering 150% growth in the UK.

Meanwhile, more traditional online retailers like JD Sports and Sports Direct saw 27% and 26% losses in visibility, but Salience Search Marketing Managing Director Brett James continues to point to the potential in digital growth. “Online visibility is a great way of measuring the brand awareness of any company operating within a highly competitive industry,” he says. “The 5% increase in search for this sector highlights the growing demand for online footwear brands and the opportunity for brands to implement a solid marketing strategy for their website to compete within the e-commerce market.”

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