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New Year's Resolution

Happy Shoe Year! 9 Footwear Executives Share Their Resolutions

As we kick off the New Year, footwear industry executives are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, taking a walk in the shoes of others, and dusting off the old running sneakers to hit the gym like the rest of us...More (very much intended) shoe puns aside, read on for nine New Year's resolutions from leading shoepeople, business-wise and otherwise.

As we kick off the New Year, footwear industry executives are pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, taking a walk in the shoes of others, and dusting off the old running sneakers to hit the gym like the rest of us…More (very much intended) shoe puns aside, read on for nine New Year’s resolutions from leading shoepeople, business-wise and otherwise.

Shoe Year’s Resolutions

“For my New Year’s resolution, I would like to continue to work on my inner self to further  my outlook and attitude toward a calmer and more patient self. As we continue to navigate the footwear industry and work with global vendors, suppliers, and customers to ensure everything is on track and have the flexibility for any unexpected surprises, I tend to work around the clock. I have come to realize the best way to work with many personalities and problem solving is to take a moment to reflect, some time to think, and put myself in their ‘shoes’ (pun intended) to come up with solutions. I want to be able to practice that more in 2024 and be intentional with seeing things from another’s perspective. I also hope to cut down my dropping of F-bombs in my conversations for 2024, HA! We may have to bring out a swear jar or two….” —Solomon Dabah, President, Vida Shoes International

“We are ending 2023 in times of great darkness. At Naot footwear, we have always looked to bring communities together and help where it is needed. My New Year’s resolution is to make this voice of understanding and compassion stronger, and to continue to work to help those in need.” —Ayelet Lax Levy, President of US Operations, Naot

“2024 will be all about modernizing the West. We’ll strive to balance two goals—honoring the American cowboy’s established legacy while questioning the possibility of what-if within the Western-inspired fashion space. Personally, I’m determined to continue inspiring rich storytelling that reflects a simple truth—to connect with and uplift communities, not just to sell products. That’s what makes what we do a worthwhile endeavor.” —Isha Nicole, Creative Director and VP of Marketing, Boot Barn

“In business, in relationships, and in life, it all begins with a small step grounded in a desire to be better and do better. My New Year’s resolution for Footwear Show New York Expo (FSNYE) is to continue to improve our customer service and to improve our sales and services. In today’s fast-paced world of automation, it is essential to discover and learn new technology, tools and skills that will enhance trade show performance, brand awareness, and optimize social media algorithms. For my personal resolution, the pandemic has taught me to focus on what’s important outside of work. Spending time with family, building in down time, and focusing on my health, mental and physical. I am truly grateful for the longevity of my parents, Sheila and Lawrence, as they approach their 67th years together. I look forward to enjoying every day to its fullest, spending quality time with my family and friends.” —Phyllis Rein, President, Footwear Show New York Expo

“I pledge to deepen my connection with the Indigenous communities that have played a pivotal role in shaping Manitobah into the brand it is today. Winter provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the technology and functionality of our mukluks, which have withstood the test of time. My resolution is to engage more with Indigenous communities, better understand their experiences, and ensure that our brand’s promise to ‘Walk Together, Making a Difference with Every Step’ becomes a tangible reality.” —Carolyn MacNaughton, CEO, Manitobah

“In 2024, my New Year’s Resolution is to share the simple power of being outside by meeting our consumers where they are. We want to modernize activities like urban hiking and make it accessible to everyone. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities with the number expected to climb. What some people don’t realize is that the power of the great outdoors can be found anywhere — whether it’s their hike to work on the subway or a trek around the block, they just need an inspiring way to connect.” —Pallav Tamaskar, Chief Marketing Officer, Merrell

“In 2024, I will be committed to give myself more space and time to be creative and explore new things, personally and professionally.” —Kelly Helfman, President, Informa Markets Fashion

“A new year is always an opportunity to bring on new challenges and seek new opportunities. As I’ve just joined the COTERIE team, I’m looking forward to building new long-lasting relationships and nurture my own development by taking extended learning courses.” —Purvi Kanji, VP of COTERIE

“My resolution for 2024 is to be even more appreciative to our many long-term customers who have been working with us for most of our 20 years in North America.  We can never say thank you enough to our strong foundation of loyal retail partners! On a personal note, I’d like to keep thinking and acting like I am half my actual age because that is my key to stay current and guiding our brand as a modern trend setter.” —Marty Rose, MJRose Associates

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