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Shoe of the Week: Minnetonka Thunderbird “Animikii”

Minnetonka Thunderbird

Minnetonka’s new Thunderbird moccasin has been beautifully redesigned by Minneapolis-based Native American designer, Lucie Skjefte. The meaningful collection pays homage to the designer’s Anishinaabe heritage and her son, Animikii, meaning “Thunderbird.”

Skjefte is both a designer and an activist working to challenge the status quo with positivity.

Designer Lucie Skjefte and her son Animikii

“This redesign holds not only deeper meaning and significance within our [Anishanaabe] community — it’s reflective of authenticity and cultural importance. By moving away of the portrayal of the Thunderbird as no more than a totem, we are embodying a more profound representation of its cultural significance. This redesign serves as a tribute to our grandmothers, and is a celebration of our entire Indigenous community.”  —Lucie Skjefte

The thunderbird beading equates to wearable artistry. Two hard- and soft-sole styles are available in an array of colors, and the brand will debut new seasonal hues for FW24 at this weekend’s Atlanta market.

Minnetonka Thunderbird

Shoe of the Week: Minnetonka Thunderbird Specs

  • Beading redesigned by Native American artist Lucie Skjefte, Anishinaabe, citizen of the Red Lake Nation
  • Made of high-quality suede or smooth leather
  • Hand-stitched and hand-beaded
  • Available in Women’s, Men’s and Kids sizes
  • MSRP:
    • Women’s Hardsole:
      • Suede: $62.95 (grey, taupe, brown, hot pink, turquoise, black)
      • Smooth leather: $67.95 (white leather)
    • Women’s Softstole
      • Suede: $54.95 (Tan, brown, black)
      • Smooth Leather: $62.95 (natural or white leather)
    • Men’s Softsole
      • Suede: $59.95 (brown)
    • Children’s Hardsole
      • Suede: $44.95 (hot pink or brown)

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