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Four Ways the Industry is Getting Greener This Week

Ugg reveals two styles using scrap fabrics, and the resale market continues to grow.

The sustainable fashion industry is expected to $33.05 Billion by 2030, according to Coherent Market Insights. The movement is largely driven by consumers, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, who are calling for more transparency in how their clothes are made. They’re looking for brands to lower their carbon footprint and embed sustainability across their values and are increasingly pivoting to shopping secondhand. Large fashion companies like H&M, Nike, and Adidas have pledged their commitments, and many are already following through. These four updates have made the world just a little greener this past week:

ReImagined by Ugg Debuts Two New Sustainable Fashion Styles

Ugg has released two of its most popular silhouettes, the Tasman and Classic Ultra Mini, in on-trend patchwork designs created from leftover leathers and suedes. The first iteration of its ReImagined by Ugg collection, offerings use excess fabric that was ordered but never used for in-line products.

Classic Ultra Mini ReImagined, $150 + Tasman ReImagined, $110

Secondhand Search Engine Launches iOS App

Secondhand search engine Beni is launching an app and partnering with big names in the resale industry like Poshmark, ThredUp, Grailed, Kidsy, and Out&Back. The app also has collaborations with brand-owned resale programs including Patagonia’s WornWear. The app allows consumers to search an item and quickly see if it is available secondhand across the web.

Online Sizing Technology Reduces Returns

Newly launched in the U.S., online sizing technology specialist Makip is out to help e-commerce consumers buy the right size every time. The app, Unisize, asks shoppers basic questions such as age, weight, and height to help them understand their body measurements. Then, the sizing technology matches their body size to a clothing item and display how it will fit. The idea is to virtually try on clothing and purchase the best fit, reducing return rates by 20% on average.

H&M’s New Soho Location Features Secondhand Items

H&M has opened the doors to its new SoHo location, displaying a new concept for the brand. The nearly 10,000-square-foot space offers trend-driven products along with the retailers new “Pre-Loved” shop-in-shop. Trendy secondhand products will be on display, including a curated selection of pieces from designer vintage reseller James Veloria.

“After premiering our first U.S. secondhand platform ‘H&M Pre-Loved’ online last year, we are thrilled to build on this offering by launching H&M SoHo with the first secondhand shop-in-shop in North America,” says Linda Li, Head of Customer Activation and Marketing, H&M Americas. “Providing our customers the fashion they crave in a new store that is inspiring, and tech driven, is exactly where we want to be as a brand to achieve our goal of liberating fashion for the many.”

H&M Soho

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