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DJ Khaled Has the Top Celebrity Shoe Collection, Valued at $8M

The entertainer has 10% of his net worth tied up in kicks.

DJ Khaled has an $8 million shoe collection. Image: MTV UK, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Carrie Bradshaw famously stated, “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” Some celebrities have taken this quite seriously, when it comes to their collection of kicks. In a recent study, contemporary footwear brand Public Desire compiled a comprehensive lists of celebs with impressive shoe collections. The data takes into account the type of shoes collected, the percentage of the collection’s worth in relation to the celebrities’ total net worth, and the amount of shoes in their collection.

With those factors in mind, DJ Khaled tops the list with the biggest shoe collection. His 10,000-some pairs of sneakers exceed $8 million in value. His closet tours are top performers online. And, the entertainer’s shoe collection takes up 10% of his $80 million net worth.

A lawyer by education, Jordan Geller decided to get into the sneaker market instead of practicing law. The entrepreneur (and founder of the first shoe museum) takes the second slot with the wealthiest collection globally. His 2,388 pairs of sneakers are worth $100 million, totaling a quarter of Geller’s overall net worth.

Other Notable Celebrity Shoe Collections on the List

  • Fourth place goes to DJ Bigboy Cheng, who has collected more than 20,000 sneakers in his lifetime. The most expensive pair in his collection is Nike Mag Back to the Future (2016) with an auto-lace feature that set him back $85,000.
  • Rapper Chris Brown takes fifth, with more than 1,000 unique sneakers.
  • Kylie Jenner is sixth. Her collection is appraised at $1 million, but it only takes up a slim 0.10% of her $750 million net worth.
  • Mark Wahlberg snags the seventh spot with 137 pairs of sneakers valued at $100,000.
  • Finally, Michael Jordan’s “The Dynasty Collection,” valued at $8 million, is small in size but among the priciest. Six individual Air Jordan sneakers were each worn by the baller in title-clinching games.

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