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4CCCCEES Brings Contemporary Comfort Fashion Stateside

Delivering cutting-edge design for the Free People consumer and beyond.

After cutting her teeth in footwear at Alexander McQueen and United Nude, Korean-born designer Sang-Min Park launched 4CCCCEES in 2019. Her brand strives to combine contemporary aesthetics with comfort. Following breakout success in Europe and Asia, Park recently took on the U.S. market.
Park, who has a master’s degree in Footwear Design from the Royal College of Art in London, named the brand after her four guiding principles: Confidence, Comfort, Contemporary, and Curiosity. These ‘four C’s’ make the designer’s special sauce for fresh footwear. “We are excited to surprise and delight our U.S. customers by offering footwear that is a perfect balance between fashion and comfort, and by presenting them with styles they’ve never seen before,” she adds. 
The brand is available in Free People and more than 120 boutiques across the U.S. And, the designer hopes to partner with more mainstream multi-brand retailers moving into 2025 and beyond. Park opened up to Footwear Plus about her inspiration, social know-how, and plans for the future.
4CCCCEES designer Sang-Min Park

Who is the 4CCCCEES consumer?

4CCCCEES’ footwear is designed for the woman who is confident, intelligent, and playful. She is ambitious, and we are creating footwear that won’t slow her down. We design shoes for the woman who understands the effort and design that goes into creating each pair of shoes.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

I focus on taking the functional elements of a shoe and making them visually or tacitly interesting. It is perhaps no surprise that nature and natural elements are often a big part of my inspiration, as nature is continuously evolving, whether in an instant or gradually over time. I observe and try to apply this same logic to my designs, finding beauty in the unique and evolving state of nature. The result is a functional, poetic, and playful design.

Tell me about your social media strategy.

Our social media strategy is designed to give style inspiration while fostering a creative community. Through curated content, we showcase not only the stylish yet comfortable details of the 4CCCCEES brand, but also emphasize its versatility. Our posts are designed to spark inspiration, encouraging followers to not only admire but also share their unique interpretations and outfit combinations. We show how much our footwear can easily transition from casual to formal looks, catering to diverse tastes and occasions. Whether dressing up or down, there’s a 4CCCCEES style to suit every individual, inviting them to explore, purchase, and integrate our shoes seamlessly into their wardrobe.


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What are some of your favorite pieces coming down the pike for FW24?

The Kapok Pinto is a key piece for the season. This outdoor-inspired sneaker is then elevated with strategic combinations of tonal colorplay. As its name suggests, the Kapok is inspired by trees. The spike texture was designed as if it were cracked from the growth of the tree bark. Its unique sensory feeling of aggressiveness with delicacy is a result of the geometry placed in organic form. Referencing outdoor gears, the product boasts a spiked rubber outsole for added traction and slip resistance while the EVA-foam midsole provides cushioning for softer landings.

Another of my favorite pieces is the Mellow Laze, one of our best sellers. The fluffy slipper is lined with shearling atop our signature rippled EVA sole. It’s such an easy slide, while the fur lining maximizes a cozy feeling. Presented in tan, strawberry, and black colorways, the Mellow Laze is finished off with an oversized metal buckle, adding a playful and unexpected detail that is typical of the 4CCCCEES approach.

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