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Trend Spotting: August 2020

Put a Ring On It, Nee a Lift?, Red Zone, Block Party, The Cutting Edge, Moc Market, Leisure Class...

Put a Ring on It!

A stylish commitment to big toes everywhere.

1. Ron White 2. Ecco 3. Easy Street 4. Restricted 5. Andre Assous 6. Diba True 7. Naot 8. L’Artiste 9. Aetrex

Need a Lift?

Platform sandals that rise to the occasion.

1. Blowfish Malibu 2. All Black 3. Gabor 4. OTBT


Red Zone

The fast hue revs up men’s silhouettes.

1. Ugg 2. Blundstone  3. Zelli Italia 



Block Party

It’s hip to be square!

1. Sarah Flint 2. Bella-Vita 3. Naot 4. Ecco

The Cutting Edge

Sawtooth soles add bite to platform sandals.

1. BC 2. Cougar 3.Fly London 4. All Black 5. Gabor

Moc Market

Dressed up or down, the seamed style is a seamless transition.

1. Zelli Italia  2. Twisted X 3. Ecco 4. Ugg  5. Propét

Leisure Class

Sock-like sneakers for that easy, stay-at-home vibe.

1. Aetrex 2.Asportuguesas 3.Propét 4. Naked Feet 5. Merrell 6. Flexus 7. Remonte

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