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Christian Louboutin makes everyone’s legs look longer.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that all women want long legs, and the general solution is to fake longer stems using everything from bronzer to high waists to nude pumps. But for anyone whose skin doesn’t blend with the beige shade that “nude” footwear only seems to come in, you’re really just wearing cream shoes. Well, Christian Louboutin is here to save the day with Nudes, a collection comprising five best selling silhouettes in five shades, ranging from fair blush to rich chestnut. There’s even an app that matches the shade of your skin to the correct shoe color. 

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Charlotte Olympia’s patriotic pumps

On the heels of her U.S. flagship store opening in Manhattan, luxury accessories designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal puts an appropriately patriotic spin on a basic pump and turns it into a star-spangled essential, just in time for the Fourth of July. The Priscilla Stars and Stripes retails for $1,050. Call 212-744-1842 or visit

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Breaking the Cycle

Merrell’s Evera MJ pump allows women to ride in style.

With gas prices showing no signs of dropping dramatically any time soon, not surprisingly bike racks in metros across the country continue to get their fair share of use as commuters increasingly ditch their cars in favor of more affordable two-wheeled transportation. For women, however, the trouble has been finding a shoe that they can comfortably and safely ride in, but also be stylish enough to wear around the office.

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The April/May 2024 Issue

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