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Mario Batali ordered 200 pairs of orange Crocs because the color was discontinued.

In an interview with Details, Mario Batali  has revealed that Crocs is discontinuing the bright-orange clogs which have become the chef’s signature footwear. “They’re gonna stop the Mario Batali orange! It’s preposterous!” he exclaimed, adding that he has placed a final order for 200 pairs. And while Crocs is indeed discontinuing the bright-orange clog beloved by Batali, the chef’s namesake line of Bistro Mario Batali Vent Clogs will still be available, and additional designs are in the works. 

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Adidas cancels Jeremy Scott “Shackle” sneaker after racism backlash

Adidas has yanked plans to release its JS Roundhouse Mids after critics said its shackle-like ankle cuff was offensive and a symbol of slavery. The high-top sneaker with its orange plastic cuff, part of the brand’s ongoing collaboration with conceptual fashion designer Jeremy Scott, is reportedly simply a shoe-torial interpretation of the late-’80s “My Pet Monster” toy (same color scheme, same cuffs) but to many it screams slavery and prison. 

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