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LeBron James

Nike tests customer loyalty with the $225 Kobe 9 Elite.

Let’s face it: When it comes to sneakers, Nike has a fan base that other shoemakers can only drool over. That’s why the company can do ridiculous things like slap a $225 price tag on a celebrity-designed shoe, safe in the knowledge that sneakerheads will flock to it. The Kobe 9 Elite, named after Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, will hit shelves February 8. Made using Nike’s Flyknit technology, the high-tops have nine horizontal “stitches” above the heel–a nod to the sutures from surgery on Bryant’s torn Achilles earlier this year.

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What would you do for limited-edition kicks?

Picture the scene: Die-hard sneakerheads lined up before daybreak waiting to buy the new LeBron James sneakers. A guy approaches and attemps to rob the group. One customer pulls out a gun and shoots him dead. No, this isn’t a SNL skit poking fun at the shoe-collecting community. It happened. 

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