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Noah Waxman’s sophomore collection plays with textures and introduces wedges for women.

Most people leave the Netherlands with a renewed appreciation for cycling, tulips and pancakes, but during a stroll in Amsterdam, Noah Waxman found his calling in a pair of handmade shoes placed in the window of a cobbler’s studio along one of the city’s famed canals. The shoes were clown-like with elongated toes. “They weren’t your average shoes and I immediately wanted to know how he made them,” the designer says. Waxman felt comfortable with knocking on the shoemaker’s door, even though he didn’t know a lick of Dutch.

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Korshun Footwear merges style with sustainability.

Dutch footwear designer Anna Korshun is on a mission to make the manufacturing process more simple and sustainable. Inspired by Israeli furniture designer Gil Sheffi, Korshun’s leather shoes don’t require any glue or stitches. Instead, the upper and outer soles are clicked together and then wrapped by a rubber layer that ensures a solid connection. Not only can the streamlined process be produced locally and on a small scale, the shoes are super-cute, too. Visit

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The June 2024 Issue

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