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Airwalk is ballin’ for JIM’s 20th birthday.

Airwalk’s JIM series turns 20 this year and to celebrate, the brand has brought back the Tennis–again. First introduced in 1994, a limited number of sneakers hit stores in 2010, and the style is now available on for $70. Inspired by traditional sports and high school gym class, the sneaker is made from neon fuzzy tennis ball felt. 


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Airwalk brings back the Vic.

When Airwalk’s Vic hit the scene in 1987, it made an indelible mark on the industry as one of the most iconic skate styles of all time. With an all-suede upper, extra ankle padding, a reinforced toe area and a Velcro flap designed to help skaters from blowing out laces during aggressive sessions, the Vic was the most technical skate shoe available then. Just as important was the marketing campaign featuring the fictional upper class champion of the sports world, Victor Novettipolae.

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