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3-D printed bio shoes that repair themselves.

From crazy cushioning to ludicrously lightweight fabrics, the science of running shoes has evolved well beyond pockets of air. Soon, runners looking for that elusive perfect fit could step into a pair of shoes made from a synthetic bio-material that would envelope their foot like a second skin. Reacting to pressure, impact and movement, the shoes would puff to provide extra cushion when needed and even repair themselves overnight.

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A 3-D printed shoe that doubles asan iPhone case.

You’ve heard of brides putting pennies in their shoes for good luck, and travelers stuffing money in socks, but would you ever consider storing your smartphone down there? A 3-D printing house in Amsterdam has created a platform sandal that doubles as an iPhone case. Designed by Alan Nguyen of Freedom of Creation, it was commissioned by accessories site Fresh Fiber and debuted at last year’s Milan Design Week. It’s a tad unpractical, but as an example of the level of creativity that can be achieved with a 3-D printer, it’s kind of awesome. 

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The April/May 2024 Issue

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