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Smooth Operator

Vendee Pro enables retailers to run their businesses seamlessly.

Vendee Pro’s Alex Adeli (right) and clients, Debbie and Gil Mouyal, owners of Bearden Design.

Data is king, and it’s safe to assume it will only increase in importance amid a pending AI revolution. Yet capturing and using it to benefit one’s retail business remains an elusive challenge—one that various software solutions claim to solve. Vendee Pro is one potential solution.

“Vendee Pro is an innovative application crafted to offer retailers a means to enhance their organizational structure for products and purchases,” says Alex Adeli, founder and CEO. “In addition, it supplies practical tools for improved budgeting, planning, and merchandise presentation.”

What sets Vendee Pro apart from other software solutions, Adeli says, is its emphasis on the critical aspect of a retailer’s success: product purchasing. “We equip retailers with unique data unavailable through other software, including spending patterns, purchase history, fully customizable reports, budgeting tools, product arrival information, and much more,” he says. “Vendee Pro specializes in handling the data you supply, offering a seamless experience for both data input and extraction.”

Currently compatible with the leading POS systems (including RICS, Shopify, Wix, SquareSpace, WooCommerce, SquareUp, and BigCommerce), Vendee Pro continually expands its support, according to Adeli. For retailers seeking a solution to rapidly, efficiently, and effortlessly transfer data between POS systems, the software serves as the ultimate, all-in-one destination. “Retailers can save time and money by making informed decisions early on with Vendee Pro,” he says. “The purchasing companion allows for comparisons of historical data from previous years or product data, such as margin and markup values.”

Gil Mouyal, owner of Bearden Design, a boutique in Birmingham, AL, is a Vendee Pro customer. The store uses the software to identify the categories and vendors it spends the most on, and to determine if it over- or under-purchased for any of them. Mouyal says Vendee Pro has served as a “lifesaver” when it comes to narrowing down product options, enabling the store to efficiently sift through all its merchandise. His co-owner/wife, Debbie, appreciates the ability to quickly and easily search for and view products online, as well as track product arrivals. “Vendee Pro has simplified their lives by eliminating the need for catalogs or order forms to access product data; everything is readily available within their personalized online cloud database,” Adeli says.

Is Vendee Pro user-friendly? Adeli stresses that it is. For example, retailers can capture a shoe image while at a show or from the comfort of home, and then input the product information. Alternatively, they can effortlessly import images via URLs from online sources. “Vendee Pro streamlines the process of adding product data with its proprietary product prediction and smart filtration systems, taking mere seconds,” he explains. “Retailers can then construct their personalized cloud-based database, encompassing all their products and purchases. Once products are integrated into Vendee Pro, retailers can generate order forms with a single click, create fully customizable catalogs, run an unlimited number of tailored reports, track new product arrivals, and more.”

Adeli says Vendee Pro’s versatility ensures that there’s no right or wrong way to utilize the platform, further enhancing its potency. In another nod to being user-friendly, retailers are not obliged to employ every feature in Vendee Pro or input every piece of data. However, the more information retailers enter into Vendee Pro, the more the platform can do for them, he says.

This is the creator extolling Vendee Pro’s virtues. What are customers saying? Adeli reports “rave reviews” so far. “Retailers love the ability to monitor expenses in real-time at shows, allowing them to understand where their money is being spent,” he notes. “They also appreciate accessing their data from any location and on any device, such as a phone, tablet, or computer.” In addition, clients have reported that Vendee Pro enables them to make smarter decisions regarding product purchasing. Issues like double purchasing similar items and exceeding budgets have been eradicated, according to Adeli. What’s more, Vendi Pro is affordable. “At a cost comparable to a few Starbucks coffees per month, Vendee Pro has emerged as an essential tool for successful retailers,” he says, adding that there’s a bonus. “In addition to organizing and enhancing businesses, Vendee Pro helps retailers separate work and personal lives by storing product images in the cloud instead of on their personal devices. This prevents images from cluttering retailers’ devices and mixing with their personal photos.”

Of course, there’s some inherent hesitancy about software systems delivering on their promises. There are lots of claims made, the systems can be quite technical, and there’s always a learning curve. There’s also potential user fatigue. What starts out as a shiny new toy can fall by the wayside as old operational habits die hard. Adeli, for one, remains undeterred. “Once clients experience Vendee Pro’s user-friendly and intuitive design, they have no trouble embracing it,” he assures, noting that many clients were previously reliant on outdated technologies or even Excel spreadsheets to manage their spending and product information. The ease of transitioning to Vendee Pro, he adds, makes the decision a no-brainer. “They can still export data to Excel files if necessary, but they also benefit from centralizing everything in the cloud without worrying about tracking files,” Adeli says. “Vendee Pro’s fluid data navigation becomes indispensable to their business operations.” 

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