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Wolverine Worldwide Teams with Pensole Lewis College on Design Masterclass

Pensole Lewis College of Business & Design (PLC), in collaboration with Wolverine Worldwide, will launch a five-week masterclass this summer for aspiring Black and Brown designers to build their skills in footwear and apparel design, color and materials design, and product marketing through a learn-by-doing curriculum. Students will work from briefs co-created by PLC and Wolverine Worldwide brands Keds, Merrell, Saucony, Sperry and Wolverine.

“This masterclass was developed for Black and Brown students to help them become robust designers with knowledge of the footwear and retail industry,” states PLC founder Dr. D’Wayne Edwards. “Those selected will be introduced to Wolverine Worldwide, providing top students with internship opportunities that allow them to gain an intimate knowledge of their brands, consumers and cultures.”

In a format created to be more of an apprenticeship than a traditional class, aspiring designers will receive weekly instruction, but work more like a design studio. The program will enable them to experience what it is like working at a brand while developing their time management, professionalism and leadership skills. The class will run from June 13-July 15, 2022. Registration for the class is open globally for students 18 and older until Apr. 18 at

PLC founder Dr. D’Wayne Edwards

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