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What’s Selling at The Pink House in Sacramento

Owner Peggy Orr discusses what’s flying off shelves at the unique boutique.

In the heart of East Sacramento, California is a little pink house filled with singular shoes, gifts and accessories. The Pink House is a boutique dedicated to offering unique brands in a relaxed, friendly setting. With a cozy sitting room, customers often hang out in the store, chatting and sharing ideas, and owner Peggy Orr wouldn’t have it any other way.

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What are your best-selling brands?
OTBT (Off the Beaten Track), Sacha London and Chocolate Blu.

 What is the best-selling style?

Flats. I have Chocolate Blu flats that are very popular and some Franco Sarto styles that people love, as well. Blowfish developed a new footbed that’s really cushy and they have some darling styles.

 How about accessories?
I have a handbag brand called Samoe started by a family out of CO that have adjustable and unique pieces and people are waiting for them to come in. And then my jewelry—we have a local designer named Ada who makes Argentinean leather and gold plated jewelry that flies off the shelf. We also carry Sweet Lola that is just fabulous—the price point is great and the jewelry is fun. The Bali Queen brand is more kind of beachy but fun and tribal and cute—it features bright colors and metals at a good price point.

 Do you have any in-store events?
Yes! I will do a special event per whatever holiday, have a little open house with refreshments. Also, people are welcome to reserve the store for someone’s birthday or special occasion where we do a discount for the party and ladies shop and we serve refreshments.

 What keeps customers coming back to The Pink House?
Customer service. Some of the things I have you can probably find online, but we go the extra mile for the people that support us. I’m in East Sacramento and it’s a unique community and it’s old for Sacramento. I was born and raised in the area and there’s just a uniqueness about it and people here tend to want to support the local businesses and keep them going. It’s a very strong community feeling.

 What’s your favorite part of the job?
My customers. Well, I have to say I love to go and buy all this stuff [laughs]—it satisfies my need to buy things, so it’s great because I get the buying rush, but then I get to sell it and don’t keep it all! But really it’s the customers—it’s fun to go to work here. At this stage, it’s just a fun thing to do.


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