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Pentland Brands announces investment in California sneaker brand SeaVees.

Today, Pentland Brands Limited announces an investment in the California casual brand, SeaVees. The investment is intended to bolster the sneaker brand’s growth in the U.S. and internationally.

Established in 1964, SeaVees pioneered the transformation of the sneaker from gym shoe to casual shoe.  The brand was rediscovered by owner Steven Tiller, after a chance encounter in a Tokyo thrift store which led to the rebirth of a forgotten American original. Today, SeaVees honors its 1960s origin by continually making modern amendments to classic designs.

The investment combines Tiller’s footwear market knowledge and creative direction with Pentland’s expertise for growing international footwear brands.  The partnership hopes to bring this long-lost, but rediscovered, authentic sneaker brand to new consumers across the world.

“We have a strong track record of investing in brands in the long-term, so our plan is to give Steven and his team space to build the SeaVees brand, while giving them access to the size and scale of our network that, as a global brand management company, Pentland can offer,” offers Chirag Patel, Global Strategy Director, Pentland Brands.


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