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In the wake of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, Two Ten Footwear Foundation is responding to the crisis by providing emergency relief to footwear employees and their families who are directly affected—upholding its mission to deliver aid to industry employees in times of crisis. In addition to those employees who may encounter reduced work hours due to store closings, footwear employees and their families who come in contact with the virus and have to remain quarantined and/or seek medical attention may also experience a financial impact. Adding to potential hardships are school closures and price hikes on basic necessities

“We are treating the pandemic as a crisis situation, similar to a natural disaster,” says Two Ten Social Services Director, Jestina Walcott. “Employees in crisis can receive immediate financial aid, depending on their specific situation and level of need. In contrast to our standard application and approval process, our crisis response procedure enables us to help as many people as possible, as quickly as we can.”

Anyone working in the footwear industry is eligible to apply for help from Two Ten. For fastest response time, please visit our website to fill out an online application at or call 1.800.346.3210 or To make a donation, please visit https: //

The September 2023 Issue

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