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Twisted X Hits Sustainability Goal—Earlier than Expected

Being green is good. Being greener, sooner is even better.

Twisted X is proud to announce that the company reached net-zero emissions ahead of schedule. This qualification comes after assessing 2020 emissions from business operations at its headquarters in Denton, TX, contract factories in Mexico and Asia, and third-party distribution warehouse in the Lone Star state. Initially, Twisted X was projected to reach this milestone in 2022, and the team is thrilled to have surpassed that goal. 

“We are proud to officially be a carbon-neutral company after years of hard work and dedication toward creating footwear that is also protecting our planet,” affirms CEO Prasad Reddy. “We strived to accomplish this, not just to say we did something good, but because we need to help restore our environment.”  

Emission levels, calculated with the GHG Protocol, were then mitigated with a carbon offset conservation project as part of the company’s overall partnership with reforestation nonprofit, One Tree Planted. Three thousand tons of carbon offsets were retired through the American Carbon Registry on behalf of Twisted X, supporting a project based in Vermont on a 5,408-acre forest that will remain “forever wild” as mature trees will continue to store carbon for many years to come.  

With the fashion industry being a major contributor to carbon emissions worldwide, Twisted X is committed to bringing an innovation or technology to market every six months and, when possible, one that revolves around its sustainability mission. Recent launches include Zero-X, a no-glue shoe collection, as well as Blend85, unique footbeds that utilize 85 percent recycled foam from factory waste to reduce pollution. In addition, Twisted X has used natural materials throughout the creative process, including sugar cane molasses, rice husk, cork, merino wool, bamboo and bamboo charcoal. Upcycled leathers are also utilized to create Twisted X’s alternative fabric, leatherTWX, along with upcycled plastic water bottles that are woven into its proprietary fabrics, ecoTWX and ecoTWEED. The shoeboxes are also made from 85 percent recycled materials.  

Twisted X is continuing to raise the bar through innovation in manufacturing, shipping, creating materials and production. By the end of 2021, the company aims to upcycle 6.5 million plastic bottles from landfills and oceans. Additionally, the brand will have donated to plant more than 400,000 trees, through its partnership with One Tree Planted, where one tree is planted for each pair purchased from the ecoTWX and Zero-X collections.  

The Zero X collection raises the bar on sustainable design.

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