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Twisted X Expands ‘Love of the Land’ Clean-up Campaign

Twisted X wants everyone to clean it up—and the Texas-based western/work/lifestyle company is willing to send free cleaning supplies to help get the jobs done!

This year’s Love the Land campaign (Apr. 22) will include retailers, influencers, athletes, philanthropic, corporate and licensing partners as well as community members in a nationwide clean up event. People who sign up (here) will receive a shipment of eco-friendly trash bags, gloves, limited-edition Twisted X caps and a gift certificate to raffle a pair of shoes from Twisted X’s sustainably made Zero-X collection.

The campaign’s expanded effort comes on the heels of Love the Land’s successful debut last April that saw Twisted X employees clean up surroundings of its Decatur, TX, headquarters as well as a clean-up effort in Nashville, TN, at Percy Priest lake with influencers and country music artists. Individuals used #loveoftheland and #twistedxearthday to show examples of their efforts. The social posts encouraged followers to reflect on why they love the land and the value that it holds to them.

“We wanted to make a difference at home—literally in our backyard, and that’s how the clean-ups started,” says Tricia Mahoney, chief marketing officer, Twisted X, noting that every employee participated. “They were vocal about how good it felt to clean up and make our parking lot and area around the office look good. There were a lot of conversations around plastic water bottles and garbage and how easy it is to make a difference. We’ve organized a few offices clean ups since then and have good turnout each time.”

This year’s goal remains the same: celebrating Twisted X’s love of the land by highlighting everyday people trying to make a difference by spreading awareness about sustainably, as well as demonstrating the company’s dedication to the planet. “We strategically named the campaign ‘Love of the Land’ because our heritage is in the western industry and our customers live their lives on, tending to and living off of the land,” Mahoney says. “It also speaks to our other audiences as well, because when you take care of the earth in any capacity, you are ‘loving the land.’” Mahoney adds, “Quite literally, our customers were green before green was cool.”

The more participants the cleaner, Mahoney says. “We want to make more of a difference, and we can’t wait to see how far this initiative can go,” she says, believing that participation is a win-win. “We hear it over and over from (participants) how good it feels and how fun it is to all hang out and clean up together. It’s great team and culture building—all while we clean up.”

The promotion is just the latest in a series of sustainability initiatives. Twisted X plant trees for each pair of ecoTWX and Zero-X style in partnership with One Tree Planted. The company also recently hired its first-ever Sustainability Strategist, Kristy Rosica, to ensure it is doing everything it can to improve its stewardship of the planet.




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