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The Retail Experience

Ecco unveils an interactive experience for brick-and-mortar stores.

With the internet’s growing fast-anunspecifiedd-easy appeal, it’s become more and more critical for brick-and-mortar stores to create a world of experience for the consumer. Ecco is hoping to do just that with its new “Shape Your Day” experiential activation—an interactive marketing campaign for the brand’s new Shape collection. Integrated marketing agency GYK Antler helped Ecco create a 20-by-20 pop-up structure that is currently touring four U.S. cities through the end of September.
In line with fashion month, the contemporary-looking structure mimics the look of a runway show and includes shoe displays, TV monitors playing branded video content, a variety of textured runways (that allow customers to try out shoes on concrete, grass, etc.) and a photo booth. Models are on-hand to show off the shoes and spark customer interaction.
The Shape collection features fashionable heels designed to optimize comfort using a unique technology where the heel sits 15mm lower inside the footbed, reducing pressure on the foot by positioning it closer to the ground while maintaining the look of an elevated silhouette.

The March 2024 Issue

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