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The Doctor Is In

Joan Oloff debuts her doctor-approved high heel for Fall '16

As a longtime foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Joan Oloff watched women come into her office with foot damage related to the prolonged wearing of high heels. After years of preaching to patients about how heels were bad for them, Oloff realized women were never going to stop wearing them. Instead, she set out to design a better high heel, one that would meet style needs and adhere to her own medical advice.

Ankle strap

Premiering with Fall ’16, Oloff designed a luxury shoe constructed in a way to accommodate the human foot while maintaining the classic high-heel silhouette. Her patent-pending insole interacts with the last to increase comfort and stability, while Italian leathers and fashion-forward patterns add style. “For me, Fall ’16 represents a new era, whereby our collection illustrates the beautiful, sexy and romantic side of women while also acknowledging her strength and practicality,” offers Oloff. She sees such strong and beautiful athletes as Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki and Ana Ivonavich as muses for her collection. “They understand the importance of their feet, yet still enjoy a fun and flirty side,” she says, adding, “My goal is to be fashion-forward, while maintaining a classy look and feel that most women feel comfortable with.”

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