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Teva’s Art Class

The Deckers brand debuts a collaboration with California designer Benny Gold.

Yesterday, Teva (a division of Deckers Brands) launched the fourth iteration of its Artist Series collection featuring celebrated San Francisco–based streetwear designer Benny Gold. The new men’s style showcases Gold’s take on the iconic Original Universal sandal with a custom-designed nylon webbing upper. The unique pattern is inspired by a geometric take on his paper airplane logo: a symbol of youth and to always keep moving.

“Benny Gold’s unwavering sentiment for doing what you love and are passionate about in life made him a perfect collaborator for Teva’s Artist Series collection,” adds Erika Gabrielli, Sr. Marketing Director at Teva. “Gold’s independent spirit, visionary design and nostalgia for the brand are transparent in the final product of this collection and demonstrate our belief in the importance of true artistic creativity and individuality in any and all forms.”

The design is available now at and for $60. Additionally, a T-shirt, print and two sock styles will be sold for a limited time at 

The annual Teva Artist Series collection celebrates the true spirit of creative expression, highlighted in this year’s collaboration with acclaimed artist Benny Gold. What began as a side passion project for Gold—a graphic artist turned streetwear designer—grew into one of streetwear’s most popular labels. The brand illustrates the importance of staying true to one’s passions, growing up without growing old, and a DIY work ethic without taking oneself too seriously, which is synonymous with Teva’s brand ethos.

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