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Teva and Woolrich team up for #SocksAndSandals

Image and video hosting by TinyPicTeva and Woolrich are working together to extend sandal season through the fall this year with their collaborative socks and sandal sets. Offering four sets total (two for men and two for women) customers may choose from a printed sock with a solid Original Universal sandal or a printed sandal with a solid colored sock. The print options are in Olmec blue or purple and solids in gray or fig, for men and women respectively. The graphic Native American-inspired print renders a dynamic juxtaposition to the contrasting sock or sandal color paired with it to create a bold, noticeable look. Teva invites fans to tag photos of socks and sandals pairings with #SocksAndSandals to be featured on their website. The result is a bevy of fun combinations to inspire Teva-wearers everywhere to keep their sandals on a few weeks longer this year. The sets run for $65 and can be found at or


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