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Tecnica to Support Two Ten Covid-19 Crisis Relief Fund

As the effects of Covid-19 continue to negatively impact the retail industry, Tecnica is partnering with Two Ten Footwear Foundation to help. For every pair of Tecnica shoes sold in the U.S. between June 10 and July 31, 2020, Tecnica will donate $10 to the foundation’s Covid-19 Crisis Relief Fund, which aids footwear employees and their families that have been affected by the global health pandemic.  

“As a brand, Tecnica is very much committed to specialty retailers,” states Frank Shine, Tecnica’s North American Marketing Director. “These shops are our partners and the people who work there, our friends. We believe the products and services they provide are invaluable to the outdoor community, so naturally we want to do anything we can to help them get through these difficult times.”

“Two Ten is thankful to Tecnica for their support and their generosity,” says Shawn Osborne, president and CEO.  “With nearly 60 percent of footwear employees in the U.S. currently unemployed, footwear families are experiencing an unprecedented need that will eclipse $3 million in crisis relief over a 90-120 day period, and a ripple effect of an additional $5 million or more in the 12 months to follow. This is unlike anything the foundation has experienced in its 80-year history, but with support from companies like Tecnica, we will be able to help these families keep a roof overhead and food on the table.” 

The giveback program includes Tecnica’s entire collection of technical trail boots and shoes. As stay-at-home restrictions begin to ease, industry data is indicating more people are engaging in outdoor recreation as a safer means of travel. Whether seasoned experts or newcomers to the outdoor scene, Tecnica’s line of footwear provides hikers and trail runners with the highest level of comfort and protection. The family brand, deeply rooted in the manufacture of performance footwear, hopes one silver lining to come from this global crisis is a long-term increase in participation of outdoor sports.

“While the economic impact of the pandemic has been grave, our hope is that if we can get through it together, our industry will come out of it stronger,” Shine says. “People are ready to get outside. And we think after experiencing lockdowns, will only appreciate their time in nature more and turn to specialty independent retailers to equip them to do so.”

Tecnica’s Forge S GTX trekking boot.

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