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Take A Hike

A sandal company and a backpack brand walk into the woods...

Chaco, one of the outdoor industry’s household brand names, has teamed up with up-and-comers Topo Designs to introduce a line of co-branded, limited-edition backpacks and a sandal collection inspired by each pack design.“This collaboration was born out of mutual brand admiration and respect,” offers Josh Weichhand, Chaco’s brand marketing manager. “We’re really excited about how this partnership evolved, and we think our collective fans are going to love the end result.” 375943b4-d154-4bce-9f97-d0766d8f0907

“Working with Chaco has been an amazing experience for us; we are all huge fans of the brand and have been customers for years,” adds Topoc Designs founder, Jedd Rose. “Chaco’s simple yet functional designs work in almost every environment and are a perfect complement to what we do at Topo Designs. The opportunity to combine our brands and style to create collaborative products made in the U.S. was fantastic.”

7a21469c-a306-409a-895c-50de26cd9c42The collection consists of two co-branded packs (Topo Designs’ best-selling 22L Klettersack and Rover Pack) and two sandals (the popular ZX/1 for men and ZX/2 for women) inspired by the Klettersack and Rover Pack designs. The common threads that connect each of the products are Chaco webbing straps and Chaco buckles. 

The entire collection is made in the USA: Topo Designs packs in Colorado, Chaco sandals in Michigan. The limited-edition products will be available exclusively at and at Topo Designs’ four retail locations in Colorado and San Francisco (starting April 7 in Topo Designs retail stores and online April 11).

The April/May 2024 Issue

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