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Tailor Fit

Menswear brand J. Hilburn teams up with Allen Edmonds on a custom shoe line.

The latest in luxury collabs, menswear brand J. Hilburn debuts a partnership with Allen Edmonds that capitalizes on the rise in consumer demand for original, customized product. Now, J. Hilburn suiting clients can order customizable Neumok 2.0 dress shoes for $295, offered in seven unique leathers and six different sole options. Additionally, a complementary box of assorted Allen Edmonds shoelaces comes with each order so that consumers can adjust their looks daily. J.Hilburn also offers clients an additional extended sizing option from sizes 6 to 7.5 on the smaller end to larger sizes 14 to 15.

“This unique partnership is exciting for both J.Hilburn and Allen Edmonds,” offers J. Hilburn CEO Veeral Rathod. “It enables us to pursue our brand strategy of personalized apparel and leverage the legendary craftsmanship and American heritage that Allen Edmonds has delivered for nearly a century.”


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