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StockX Social Campaign Raises Money for COVID-19 Response Fund

StockX, the online sneakers and streetwear resale marketplace, wanted to take meaningful action to support victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. The retailer also wanted to encourage its customers to show their best “at home” looks while practicing social distancing to help minimize the spread of the virus.

Enter #FlexFromHome, an interactive social campaign benefitting Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund. StockX kicked off the campaign with a $20,000 donation to the fund and for every “fit pic” posted, StockX will donate an additional $1 (which covers the cost of 10 meals). The campaign will run until Apr. 3, 2020. To participate, all people have to do is snap a picture, tag @StockX (on Twitter and/or Instagram) and use the hashtag #FlexFromHome.

“At the highest level, the goals of the campaign are to reinforce nationwide efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19, increase awareness of Feeding America’s response efforts, and most importantly, to raise funds for those impacted by the crisis,” says Deena Bahri, CMO of StockX. “In a time of uncertainty and angst, our aim was to provide our community with the opportunity to do a little good whilst bringing some levity to what is an otherwise somber climate through a fun, interactive social campaign.”

Bahri says the the idea came about thanks to a great marketing team effort that shows how adversity can spark creativity. After instructing employees to work from home to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and practice social distancing, the content and social teams began brainstorming last weekend on how to help its community feel more connected while also creating a platform for meaningful action to help support those impacted by the virus. “Our team collaborated with colleagues across our cultural marketing, influencer marketing and communications teams to bring the #FlexFromHome Challenge to life,” Bahri says, adding, “Our hope is to be able to contribute as much as possible to Feeding America on behalf of an engaged, empowered StockX community.”

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