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Sole Discovery

A new book helps readers identify their shoe personalities.

Footwear fanatics: If you were a shoe, what would you be? Author and Holywood personal stylist Kathy Kelada asks her clients that exact question all of the time. Are you a sexy strappy Sandal, a focused Flat, a power Pump, casual Flip Flop, a determined Work Boot, or perhaps, a ready-for-anything Sneaker? Kelada delves into how footwear can define your personality in her new book Be The Shoe, providing a fresh perspective to help women pursue their personal goals with style, and of course, the right pair of shoes.

Readers can find their special shoe personality out of 14 profiles and analyze their own shoe closet—what styles to save and which to purge or purchase. The playfully illustrated book guides women through the shoes they are or, the ones they’d like to be.

The April/May 2024 Issue

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